Bob Shell

BOB SHELLBob Shell - Chairman Emeritus


What year did you join Baldwin & Shell?   

Have you had any title changes since you started, if so what are they in order?

  • Timekeeper on projects
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • Estimator
  • Project Manager
  • Company Secretary (put in charge of estimating and priced and bid all projects)
  • Office Manager
  • Company Treasurer
  • Vice President
  • Company President
  • Chairman of the Board
  • Chairman Emeritus

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Being involved in helping the company grow into the most respected GC in Arkansas. Meeting and working with so many owners and clients and being able to do so many projects because of our relationships-working with architects-suppliers-subcontractors all over the state and being able to establish respect for our integrity and our desire to work with them for the good of the projects. I am proud of our people who have matured and become leaders over the years in the community as well as our industry.

What is your specialty? 
Jack of all trades

What relationships have you built through Baldwin & Shell, and please describe?
Doing negotiated work allowed us to meet so many owners and develop friendships that still serves us today and allows us to have access to their friends and associates. Then we were able to show what we could bring to help them have a successful project.
I think the fact that we have not been below 70% repeat business in the last 17 years working in a state that only has less than 1% of construction dollars in the US and the national average for repeat customers averages 6 to 12% is remarkable. It also shows that we have been able to not only build a quality project in budget but also made it a pleasant experience for them. We have also within the industry with architects and engineers developed the reputation for being able to get a job in budget and deliver on time. We also have been involved by being leaders in the state with civic and non profits for over 70 years.

What is your favorite thing about working at Baldwin & Shell?
Seeing our people grow and mature over the years. We have tried to develop a family type relationship and to care for and treat our people fairly. There is a great deal of pride and satisfaction in seeing people grow and develop not only in their job but also out in the community. We have had over the years a great many loyal employees not only in the office but also in the field that take pride in working for our company and proud of the integrity of Baldwin and Shell.

Where did you obtain your education and any degrees?
I didn’t go to college. Once I finished high school, I joined the Navy.

What is your spouse’s name?

How many grandchildren do you have?
I have 13 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.

What is your favorite book?
I read about 2 books a week but don’t have a favorite.

What is your favorite sport?
Basketball and football

What are your hobbies?
Travel, reading, and watching the Razorbacks

What are two things you cannot live without?
My wife and my Bible

What is your most memorable life experience to date?
Accepting JESUS as my savior and marrying Ginny

Who do you admire most?
Steve and Olen, Cates my in-laws from my first marriage, and Werner Knoop who founded our company

Where did you grow up?
Since my dad was in the navy, I was born in Honolulu. I lived in San Diego, Camden, Malvern, Philadelphia, Panama, New London, and Little Rock.

What is something that would surprise people about you?
I know construction but I do not have any skills in working with tools and I am not a handyman.

What is your favorite food?
I don’t eat anymore but it used to be cheese dip, baloney sandwich, fried egg sandwich, Chinese food, coconut cream pie - really almost anything.

What is your favorite sports team?

Do you have any pets? 
Not anymore. We had dogs for many years named Sugar and Hondo. We do have 2 grand dogs.

What are words that sum you up?
Analytical, caring, and disciplined

What was your childhood dream?
Be a ballplayer

What are your favorite colors?
Blue and red

What is something you absolutely will NOT eat?

What have been your biggest accomplishments in life?
Accepting Jesus, marrying Ginny, and raising my kids

What motivates you?
I am a self motivator


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